We believe Axe wheels offers its clients the Industries BEST guarantee when it comes to possible warranty issues, LIFETIME structural guarantee* Our wheels are produced above and beyond expected market standards and because of this we feel Axe wheels will not disappoint, however should you feel our products have not met your expectations then simply contact us at from that point we will reach out within hours to get any potential problem resolved.

*Warranty is only with original purchaser and PROOF of purchase will be required.

If you are not the original purchaser still do not hesitate to contact us, as we maybe able to offer a solution or direct you to the best outcome. In the unusual circumstances we feel our product has not met your expectations and is now a warranty issue, Axe wheels will NOT be liable for un-mount/remount of tires or shipping to the suggested location for a warranty solution, replacement vehicle, storage, etc.. We recommend you ALWAYS keep your original wheels/tires in the event of any issues wheel or vehicle related.
Any wheel modified after shipping from Axe Wheels will be VOID of any Guarantee/warranty.

*Chrome Wheels Finish
Chrome finishes are susceptible to Hard Water, Climate Conditions, lack of Maintenance, Salt, Chemicals, Caustic Agents and neglect, all these will cause un-reversible damage to the finish. Pitting, salt/water marks or discolouration is Not covered under the warranty. We strongly recommend taking chrome wheels off during winter, bad weather or when salt maybe present as these conditions will have an impact on the chrome finish.

*Polished/Forged Wheels
All Polished/Forged Wheels are manufactured without clear coat. Due to this, these wheels are HIGH Maintenance and require regular buffing/polishing, Because of the level of maintenance required the finish on these wheels are excluded from any possible warranty claims.

Should you require to contact Axe wheels regarding vibration issues, please ensure the correct fitting kit (centre rings/bolts/nuts) was installed. We have found that 99% of the time tires or installation is at fault and the wheel and tire only require a professional balancing, should the trained installer feel the wheel is at fault we will require video evidence of the issue.

A question we are asked all too frequently Axe Wheels finishes are trend setting in their combinations and shades of colors offered. Whether you have the GLOSS BLACK/WHITE FACE or our HOUSE CANDY RED to mention a few, they all require the same level of maintenance. EVERY wheel we produce is made to the highest standard and protected with a CLEARCOAT finish, making our wheels some of the most durable available. We only recommend the following in cleaning and anything outside this maintenance procedure will VOID any warranty.*A simple CAR shampoo should be used, NEVER use wheel cleaners!

*Wash the wheels when cooled, NOT straight after a journey
*Wax the wheels with a quality car wax monthly
A general rule to live by is NEVER spray anything on the wheels you wouldn’t spray on your cars paint work! Following these simple steps will ensure your wheels remain looking like new.